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Professional Junk Removal for Real Estate Investors

I've yet to meet a real estate investor who is not managing multiple items, people and projects at any given time. We understand your need to maximize your return in the most efficient manner. We understand your business and all the hats you wear. We want to help! We work with our real estate investors in three ways. We offer

  1. Junk Removal Services

  2. Demolition services

  3. Dumpster Rentals

When we go into a project for one of our investors we focus on getting the job done by the deadline you give us and handling the project with minimal disruption and distraction to you. Allowing you to work on all of the other aspects of your project.

Below is a case we worked on in Flint, MI this year. The home was a hoarder home and was purchased to be worked on and flipped. We were hired to perform the Junk Removal aspect of the job. Our team worked with the deadline and got the project completed within 48 hours of the initial call. The buyers were out of state so our team documented items removed, sent before and after pictures, and video of the home being locked up.

The Junk Removal Pros cleaning out a hoarder home in Flint, MI for one of our real estate investor clients.

Benefits to Real Estate Investors

Faster Property Turnovers

We fully understand that time is money when it comes to your investment. We take pride in getting your clean out or demo job done as quickly as possible so you can get onto the next step.

Time Savings

Simply put. Let our team focus on clearing the property out and getting it ready for your contractors to come in. While we do our work you can focus on the strategic aspects of your investment such as marketing, financing, and coordinating with other professionals.

Cost Savings

Our team is set up to specifically focus on removal needs. This allows us to be as efficient with our costs as possible, transferring those savings onto you.

Give us a call at 810-893-1517 or send an email to if you are a real estate investor and would like to discuss how our services could help you with a one time project or on an ongoing bases.

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